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Tutorial How To Fix NAT/AE :

I. You get NAT because your router blocks the GunZ ports and you have to unlock it.

- You can try to PORT FORWARD.

There; you have to choose your router model and the game/program you want to portforward. In this case we want to PortForward Gunz.

* provides you tips 'howto' portforword GunZ on every Router Model.

II. Go to your routers' main page (Default is usually: - depends of the model of router) and disable Firewall/NAT. If you can't disable.. use DMZ HOST.(This unblocks all of your ports)

* I recommend to use DMZ Host. It does not unblock just gunz ports, it opens all your ports. * I recommend to use UPnP. (UniverseGunZ will attempt to open will try to open your ports with it)

How to configure UPnP.

  • Search for “UPnP”
  • Enable “UPnP”
  • Restart UniverseGunZ

How to configure DMZ HOST.

  • Go on Start→Run→Type “cmd” → Then, once the BIOS comes up, type in “ipconfig”. (Without the quotation marks)
  • There you will see an IP Address (My router provides me: *Depends on every Model
  • Go on your router main page (Mine is
  • Log in.

[List of default router passwords - Thanks TO Xemji ]

Default is: User-admin Password-1234

  • Search for “DMZ Host”.
  • In there, put the IP that the router gives you at Step 1 and Step 2
  • Tick enable then press “Apply” or “Ok”. Now you are done.

Enjoy playing gunz without getting NAT.

If you connect through a modem or you connect directly to the Internet.

III. If your computer connects directly to the internet(No Modem/Router) and you get NAT / you find out that your ports are blocked (Ex:Bitcomet), contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and tell them to open your ports.

IV. Disable your Firewall. (From Windows/Anti-virus.)

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